Non Compete Agreements

Central Florida Non Compete Agreements Attorney

Central Florida Non-Compete Agreement Attorney

A non-compete agreement protects an employer’s legitimate business interests, but it can sometimes feel like it is punishing you, the employee. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find other meaningful work in your area of expertise because of a non-compete agreement. Under Florida law, a non-compete agreement can protect business interests, including: trade secrets, confidential business or professional information of value, specialized training provided to employee, goodwill of customers, patients, or clients relating to trademarks or geographic or marketing areas. There are many more areas that a non-compete agreement protect as well, and it is crucial that you understand your responsibilities if you have signed or are expected to sign a non-compete agreement.

Assistance With Non-Compete Agreements

If you are an individual with a dispute over a non-compete agreement or if you have questions regarding your rights, or if you are a business entity seeking assistance in creating a constitutional non-compete agreement, the attorneys at Akin Law P.A. can help. The attorneys at Akin Law P.A. will study every aspect of your case and provide you with professional legal representation unlike any other. We dedicate our time and our practice to meticulously helping clients with all details—big and small—of their case. If you are in need of a non-compete agreement attorney, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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