Partner Disputes

Central Florida Partner Disputes Attorney

Central Florida Partner Dispute Attorney

Unfortunately, running a business with another person is not without its challenges. While you have one vision for the company, your partner may have others; or, perhaps an agreement that was made between the two of you is not being upheld. Common sources of tension when it comes to partnership disputes include:
Misappropriation of assets belonging to the company
Diverting assets belong to the company
Misappropriating “business opportunities” belonging to the company
There are obviously many other scenarios that could lead to a partner dispute, and all cases are different. It is usually in your best interests to solve partnership disputes without having to go to court. When emotions are brought into the mix, if can be difficult to think objectively and communicate effectively. As dispute attorneys, it is our job to represent your interests and communicate your concerns on your behalf.

Experienced Legal Assistance

The best way to avoid disputes is to set clear expectations from the beginning and have a clear agreement on how to handle any disputes. A partnership dispute can result in loss of profits and implosion of the business, and we understand that the quicker the solution, the better. Whatever the case may be, it may be beneficial to hire an attorney experienced with partner disputes to mediate and mitigate the situation. If you are experiencing a partner dispute, contact us as soon as possible—the longer a dispute goes on, the more it has an effect on your business. Avoid any negative effects on your business and contact Akin Law P.A.

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