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Central Florida Real Estate Residential & Commercial Lease Attorney

Central Florida Residential & Commercial Leasing Attorney

As a landlord or tenant under a lease, you assume substantial liabilities and risks. As a landlord, you want to ensure your investment is protected, that your tenant abides by and is bound to the terms of the lease, and that you will have limited exposure and limited unexpected financial burdens. As a tenant, on the other hand, you want to understand what your lease-related obligations and expenses are, that the landlord is required to perform certain duties in a timely manner, and that your lease cannot be easily or wrongfully terminated by your landlord. At Akin Law P.A., our attorneys are experienced in dealing with commercial and residential tenants and landlords across Central Florida. We handle various lease issues including drafting, negotiating, amending, and enforcing leases.

Central Florida Real Estate Attorney

The attorneys at Akin Law P.A. have years of experience handling a variety of real estate legal issues including drafting and negotiating retail, restaurant, office, ground, and other commercial leases. We help tenants and landlords alike understand and assume the responsibilities laid out in their lease agreements. If you are in need of a legal professional in order to create, modify, or enforce a lease, we can help. Or, if you are experiencing a dispute over a residential or commercial lease, our attorneys can assist you in solving the issue. The attorneys at Akin Law P.A. will study every aspect of your case and provide you with professional legal representation unlike any other. We dedicate our time and our practice to meticulously helping clients with all details—big and small—of their case. If you are in need of a residential or commercial lease attorney, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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