Elder Law

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Estate Planning

While it is never pleasant to think about the finite nature of life important to plan for the unexpected. Planning your estate could greatly reduce the stress and financial burden of your family members after you pass away.
Many options are available to avoid probate and benefit your heirs with correct planning.

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A legal guardian is someone who is appointed by the probate court to make legal decisions for another person who is determined to be incapacitated under state law.. We represent individuals seeking to establish a legal guardianship, and also defend against petitions filed against others.

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Medicaid Planning

Despite severe restrictions imposed by Federal Law and regulations it is possible to plan for Medicaid eligibility. Customized strategies may be employed to redirect assets to a spouse and to protect a homestead for the benefit of family memebers,
If you or a loved one is trying to receive benefits from Medicaid, it is important to complete the process correctly, otherwise you may be denied the benefits that you deserve.

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Power of Attorney

A durable Power of Attorney is an important piece of a comprehensive plan. However, power of attorney can be abused.
We carefully counsel clients on the selection of an appropriate agent as well as the specific powers that should be included in the document.

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Probate & Estate Administration

We represent feduciaries and family memebers to file or contest probate of a decendents estate.
We strive to make the process as easy and efficient as possible, all with the goal of relieving stress during a difficult time.

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A trust was traditionally used to minimize estate taxes.
They are now used in a wide variety of estate plans to provide for long term management of family assets or controlled distribution to inexperienced beneficiaries.

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A Will is the backbone and foundation of an estate plan. While we counsel clients on the avoidance of probate. We still suggest clients establish a will to designate a personal representative to handle affairs, establish the beneficiaries of assets and in the case of young famalies, nominate guardians for minor children.

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